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Fight for a song

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4.02.2017, 6pm
BAL (ul. Ślusarska 9)

: 1,5 hour, 1 break

Everyone has a song, but all of them are slowly disappearing, giving way to trivial advertising slogans. Let's fight for the song; charisma, strong, matt voice and the accumulation of emotions are enough for Susanna Jara, a singer specializing in traditional singing, knows how to convey the message both directly and indirectly, hidden between the lines. Her musical experience allows free interpretation of classic songs, but adds extra value to it, embedding it in a natural context and relating it directly to its roots. These capabilities will prove remarkably in a six-part cycle Songs of a fairy tale princess, composed in 1915 by Karol Szymanowski to short poems of his sister, Zofia. It's not easy to guess the background of the nameless princess, but the oriental musical embellishments subtly suggest the Middle Eastern direction of search. Behind the exotic coloraturas is another treasure hidden in the Songs - a smooth and very rich piano part, a veritable harmonic masterpiece.


Susanna Jara - soprano
Paweł Harańczyk
Marek Szlezer - piano